Questions before placing an order? Check out these FAQs.

  • Q: How far in advance should I place my order?

    • A: The earlier the better! I work full-time and make cookies on the side, so I have to limit the amount of orders I can accept each week. Two weeks notice is required, but I am often fully booked before that point.

  • Q: Do you ship your cookies?

    • A: No. I operate under the Texas Cottage Laws and am unfortunately unable to ship my cookies at this point. You must be able to pick up the cookies to place an order.

  • Q: Do you offer multiple flavors of cookies?

    • A: When you place an order, you will have the option to select between chocolate and vanilla/almond sugar cookies. Both are delicious!

  • Do you have any limits on designs?

    • I will not make cookies that I wouldn’t feel comfortable sharing on social media with others. If you have any questions about whether or not your design falls into this category, feel free to submit a custom order request.

  • Q: What goes into the cost of your cookies?

    • A: Custom sugar cookies require a lot of time. They are a form of artistic expression and cannot be whipped up as quickly as a normal batch of cookies. Cookie decorators have to charge more per dozen to account for the time and attention to detail that they spend on each order. I also use high quality ingredients (i.e. homemade vanilla extract) that must be factored into the cost!

  • Q: How will my cookies come packaged?

    • A: Each batch of cookies will come individually sealed in clear plastic wrapping. This ensures that the cookies stay fresh until the date they are served. They also travel much better when they are wrapped. If you choose to serve your cookies on a platter, you can easily take them out of the plastic beforehand. (Check out the gallery tab for an example of what they look like when sealed.) If you want your cookies packaged as party favors with ribbon, this can be done for an additional cost.